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The Trellisane Confrontation

The Trellisane Confrontation

 I had trouble reading this one, I actually had to start over two times as it was a bit weary at first. The storyline is disjointed and it’s very slow to advance. Much was set to get a good feel of the world and it’s placement, but the action lost me a few times.

The ‘Chapel’ storyline was actually interesting, but it felt it did not actually play much into the rest of the plot, it might have as well have being a short story. (It seems that’s her on the cover!) Even so, it did was set into the general ‘theme’ of the story, so that might pass as a good thing.

The main ‘confrontation’ or ‘war’, was unhinged, with a not very believable end. Later on this type of ‘war-between-species’ on the same planet will be forever replayed, although this specific relationship was suprising, it works out into a science fiction mechanic. Star Trek does tend to focus on having actual science fiction into it (not unlike Star Wars, which is really fantasy in a SF setting).

There was a bit of a surprise at the end, I did not expect it at all, so that was pretty good also (although a bit disturbing).

This book was not that mediocre as others have been, it WAS entertaining at points, but there were lot of slow moving parts. It seems it was just minimally outlined and then hastily filled out. Lot of ‘angst’ and ‘contemplative-what-am-I-doing-here’ passages that I just sped-read through. I hope I’m getting better at this,  as this type of fluff actually helps.

It might have been better, but as I’ve detailed, most of this early books were just quick-n-dirty writes, just to get a story out published. The characterizations were mostly on point, although I feel Spock and McCoy were much more aggresive towards each other, with direct abusive remarks instead of the low, playful banter.

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