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Review: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Novel) (1979) by Gene Roddenberry, Alan Dean Foster & Harold Livingston

Of course, they now had to get a novelization of the first Star Trek movie. Even though novelizations are usually tedious, so far ┬ánovelizations had been a hit. So now, with new material, Roddenberry himself had to get “a piece of the action”. Right away, we start with a few new weird elements, no doubt […]

Review: 1967 Star Trek (aka Star Trek 1) by James Blish

Oh man, it starts really with mediocre writing. Actually, it’s quite not that bad, but only if you had not seen any of the TV episodes, or if you did not remember anything about the episodes written. This novel, named only “Star Trek”, is the rewriting of 7 episodes: – Charlie X – Dagger of […]