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Oh god, I really do not like novelizations… When I started reading the novels, I naturally started with the Blish ones as they were the first stuff written, but I could not get very far. I kept up until the third book and then just skipped the whole series, and went straight to the original […]

New Domain name!

I decided to bite in and get this blog it’s own domain name. I will be tweaking a few things here and there. Please leave your comments!

My Star Trek Reading Project

Later on, I’ll post a complete linked list of the published Star Trek novels. Incredibly, most of these are available on the Internet! Well, it suffices to say I have acquired an almost complete collection of all the published novels, not counting the ‘Young Adult’ ones. Maybe later I will purchase them. But for now, […]

About this Blog

Some time ago, I discovered the huge wealth of Star Trek novels… At that time, I saw it was overwhelming, they were more than a 1000 novels! But the other day, I stumbled upon a speed reading course… and I thought it would be nice to practice with some fluff, pulp fiction stuff that should […]