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Review: Star Trek II: Distress Call! (1982)


As a children’s book, the writing is as expected, childish in some parts, with referenes to Disney, Dungeons & Dragons and Alice in Wonderland; but even so the writing in general has not been dumbed down. Characterizations are very basic, and uses some nice non-canon officers to help around, which give it enough flavor to spice up the general action and adventure.

The plot options are nicely done and very varied, but one whole plot can be read in a few minutes. For a young child this is great, as the stories are not very long, from 6 to 11 pages long in total, with some drawings to help along.

Most options DO affect how the story turns out, or which story is played out, but this book is not read as other books in this style, it’s not a ‘game’ to see if you can defeat it, but instead on what view of the action you would like to see. It’s a bit frustrating to see that the choices are arbitrary and your choices do not affect the “success” or not of the mission.
Mostly a curiousity, they must not have had much success as there are only two Trek books of this type.


STARDATE: 8001.4
COURSE: Routine Patrol
EVENT: Received distress call from Luna University archeologists

EVENT: Stopped Rogue Klingon Mind-Spore attack.
EVENT: Archeologists rescued

COURSE: Starbase 6

 MEDIC: Narva Moktar
SECURITY: Lt. Lex Nakashima
SECURITY: Ensign Lydia Gottlieb
ALIEN: “Plantlike” Phylon
ALIEN: Dohlmen
ALIEN: Argelian
ALIEN: Thrix

ALIEN POWER: Restorative health machine/technology
ALIEN POWER: Illusion machine
ALIEN POWER: “Anti-bodies” building protector
ALIEN POWER: A.I. Protection Machine with “mind blasts”

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