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Review: 1978 Captain of the Starship, William Shatner Live!


This is one of the first presentations done to an audience. Shatner sounds like an immature jester, laughing a bit too much at his own jokes, most of them very silly. The audience is actually very hungry for any scraps thrown their way. They laugh at the smallest things, and applause enthusiastically at the rest.

The problem is that the actual content is just a hastily brought together of ‘space’ or ‘sci-fi’ material, all presented, read or sung by William Shatner.

He first reads a Bradbury poem, “Earthbound”, and then presents a bit of what he’ll present. As usual, Shatner is his usual joking self, so it’s actually enjoyable. Then he launches into a ‘meditation’ bit with a ‘cosmic/space’ background music of travelling through the solar system. A bit weak if you ask me.

The next track is a recounting of flight, astronomy and space stories from various historic times, told very enthusiastically… sometimes a bit too much.
Other bits are: 6 ways to the moon, by Cyrano de Bergerac and an alien description read from War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells.

Bill then takes questions from the audience. It starts with questions of the upcoming movie (“Star Trek, the Movie”, the first one), which takes a bit of answering as there was a lot of doubts about that at that time. Then other small questions, one by a kid (“How does the transporter work?”), a psyche analysis of the main trio (this is analyzed fully somewhere else, especially the interactions between these three main character, I don’t remember know, but it is very interesting) and other stuff, where Shatner recounts some personal accounts.

The whole thing is actually a bunch of disconnected topics, some about Star Trek, some about other classical stories, and other stories brought up by Shatner. I actually enjoy hearing him talk, even in his usual pause-ridden way, so it’s a great listen for any Shatner fans… but it’s one of many of the productions made riding on the coat-tails of the Trek phenomenon, but without actually understanding what it really makes it tick, it’s just some stuff presented to the hungry fans, and not everything is really worthwhile. If you can find an original recording, it might fetch a good price at a convention.

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Comment by Frederick
2010-08-11 13:17:04

I love how Shatner is holding a camera tripod to look like a gun of some type!

This is one LP I don’t have, I missed it somehow. Thanks for the entry! I have just found you and added your blog to my own blog’s list of links.

Keep up the good work, it’s neat to read your takes on the books I read over the years and collected.

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