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No New ‘Star Trek’ eBooks to be released

It has been reported that no new Star Trek eBooks will be take a hiatus beginning in April. Ebook editions of print books will continue to be released.

According to Keith R.A. DeCandido, “The word ‘hiatus’ was quite specifically chosen. There is a possibility that the original eBook line will be revived in some form or other down the line.”

The last Corps of Engineers ebook was Remembrance of Things Past: Book 2, written by Terri Osborne. Remembrance of Things Past brought the crew of the da Vinci together with Picard’s Enterprise crew. One da Vinci crewmember will be familiar to Star Trek: The Next Generation fans. Sarjenka, a young Dreman girl who was a pen pal to Data in the Next Generation episode Pen Pals, is now an adult who is serving in Starfleet.

Oh well… I don’t see a reason of they ‘discontinuing’ the ebook only series, maybe they’re just trying to sort out how they would manage these.

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Comment by Nicola
2015-04-01 13:57:37

What has happened to Lt. Uhuru and Mr. Sulu? I soemtimes joke about how the artists for the covers of books seem to often not read the book. Did the comic book illustrators miss the show completely?With regard to blonde Uhura, I’ve soemtimes suspected that the illustrators based her look on who filled in for Uhura in one episode.Not sure about Sulu, but the version here bears a certain resemblance to , the back-up doctor from the original series…

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