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Star Trek Online back story & fiction

Now with the opening of the beta of Star Trek Online, be sure to read up on the back story… Or even if you’re not planning on playing the game, the developers have been filling up the timeline between the movie Nemesis and the start of the online game universe. (The new “Star Trek” movie […]

20Q Star Trek Edition

Here’s a cool link. The 20Q website has a special 20 questions that involve only a “sentient person, thing, or place” from the Star Trek Universe. Give it a try!


Ok, been some busy days, have just read very few Star Trek stuff. I did manage to finish “My Enemy, My Ally”, which at first it promised a nice development, but I think it disappointed in the end. I’ll write a full review later. Also, the next novels deserve a good write-up, notably “The New […]

New Comic: “Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment”

IDW is to release a new series of comic book, telling the stories of the Starship’s Enterprise fourth year. Called “Star Trek Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment”, it will be co-written by D. C. Fontana, who has authored some of Star Trek classic Episodes. Drawn by Gordon Purcell, it will contain a sequel to Fontana’s […]

Where I’m at now

OK, just to update this thing, I’ll write what I’ve been reading lately. On the Sony Reader (great gadget, get one), I’m trying to finish the third movie novelization, “Star Trek III, The Search for Spock”, it’s just that I really don’t like that much novelizations, but it does has it’s good expansions on some […]