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Review: The Entropy Effect by Vonda N. McIntyre (1980)

I remember this one as the very first Star Trek novel I ever read. I remember thinking that it had a nice plot and twist, with a nice science fiction trope thrown in. It’s annoying to have Kirk killed right off, because then you know that a lot of the plot will revolve around trying […]

Really Behind…

I’m now really behind in the reviews… but I think I do have to mention that I have still continued reading, as I still find the Trek books very enjoyable, be it a good author or bad author. Gotta say for now, that I just absolutely loved Peter David and looking for more from him. […]

Review: Star Trek 5,6,7,8,9,10 by James Blish (1972-1973)

This blog has been a serious challenge to me. It’s much easier to read than to write, and getting down a decent opinion is also a bit difficult. Also, not all the material is that engrossing: let’s face it, most of the stuff is mill-pulp written, just to get stuff out with the Star Trek […]

Chronologies: TOS 8: “Charlie X”

STARDATE: 1533.6 CREW: 428 SHIP COURSE: Colony Alpha Five CREW: YEOMAN RAND YEOMAN 3rd CLASS: Tina Lawton REFERENCE: Aliens: Thasians. Thasus ALIEN POWER: transmute objects or render substances invisible You can read “Charlie X” transcript here.

Review: Gold Key 3: Invasion of the City Builders (Sept 1968)

Gold Key comics tend to break canon in a few details, like ordering ‘Rockets On’ to sail away, and placement of planets on “distant” galaxies. Because of this, they usually are rejected away from all canon. Memory Beta just ignores the whole galaxy reference and takes it as a system. This one is also mildly […]

Review: Gold Key 2: The Devil’s Isle of Space (March 1968)

Curiously, the first Gold Key comics where actually not that bad, with a bit of science fiction speculation mixed with a good amount of adventure. Characterizations are faulty in most cases but at least they get the idea of what each character should do. On this second comic, the plot is not that bad, although […]

Chronologies: TOS 6: “The Man Trap”

STARDATE: 1513.1 DATE: 2266 PLACE: Planet M-113 CREW:  SCIENCE: DARNELL YEOMAN: JANICE RAND SECURITY: GREEN ENGINEERING: BOBBY NAVIGATOR: BARNHART DARNELL, STURGEON, GREEN & BARNHART killed by alien. DECKS: Deck five crew quarters SHIP ROUTE: STARBASE on Caran 4 REFERENCE: Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet You can read “The Man Trap” transcript here.

Review: Gold Key 1: The Planet of No Return (July 1967)

Well, I guess I’m reviewing the Comics too. The earliest are the Gold Key comics (well, the first really in comic-book format, there are some newspaper comics also, and I’ll post them up those later) which are very mediocre, not really getting into the Trek spirit, but instead just make up some space opera adventures, […]

Chronologies: TOS 2: “Where No Man Has Gone Before”

SHIP: SS Valiant (Galactic Survey Cruiser) NCC-S1104 DATE: 2065 EVENT: Launched from Earth EVENT: Arrives to galactic energy barrier 780 ly from Earth EVENT: Gets caught in a Magnetic Storm, crashes into Energy Barrier EVENT: Crew Mutates, ship is ordered to self-destruct, ejects Disaster Recorder ALIEN POWERS: GALACTIC ENERGY BARRIER, detected as a force field […]

Star Trek Future Archeology

Imagine that in some weird way (quantum cosmic wormhole or what-have-you), we’ve received a bunch of information about the “future”… or well,  actually an “alternate universe”, as we’ve have even surpassed some of the Star Trek dates (90s Eugenics War, for example); And we have this bunch of narratives, that are actually like some type […]