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Review: 1976 Spock, Messiah! by Theodore R. Cogswell

  Many early novels put a lot of attention into the Vulcan character, as it was the most popular character then. The internal emotion/logic conflict also generated a lot of interest. On Spock, Messiah!, even though it was centered around Spock, it actually did not include him directly during most of the plot. Here’s also […]

Review: 1976 Star Trek: The New Voyages

Oh god… we enter “Marshak and Culbreath” territory, someone save us… Fortunately, this were not actually written by them, just gathered by. Unfortunately, they have absolutely no idea of what’s good literature. They were actually fans, recollecting fiction made by fans, so technically this is just published Fan Fiction!  Ugh, and I hate fan fiction! […]

Review: 1969 Star Trek 3 by James Blish

Novelizations suffer from some big problems, one of which is that it’s very difficult to convey what has already been showed perfectly on screen. Video is a medium where characters attitudes, poise and responses say much more than what the dialog displays. Another problem is that as the scenes have already been established, writers tendo […]

My Star Trek Reading Project

Later on, I’ll post a complete linked list of the published Star Trek novels. Incredibly, most of these are available on the Internet! Well, it suffices to say I have acquired an almost complete collection of all the published novels, not counting the ‘Young Adult’ ones. Maybe later I will purchase them. But for now, […]