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Review: Vulcan! by Kathleen Sky (1978)

I have continued my reading, but have not been posting the reviews, so I’ll try to write up a few, although it’s harder when some time has passed and now I don’t remember all the details of the novels! Well, at least I’ll try to post my view as from whatever really impacted me. This […]

Review: Mudd’s Angels (1978)

I seem to have skipped this one due to it being part of Blish’s novelization series, but it actually contains one new story. As you should know, Blish died without completing the last batch of scripts. This included “Mudd’s Women” and “I, Mudd”. These were then completed by J. A. Lawrence, and to top the […]

Review: Star Trek II: Distress Call! (1982)

As a children’s book, the writing is as expected, childish in some parts, with referenes to Disney, Dungeons & Dragons and Alice in Wonderland; but even so the writing in general has not been dumbed down. Characterizations are very basic, and uses some nice non-canon officers to help around, which give it enough flavor to […]

Review: 1968 Mission to Horatius by Mack Reynolds

Mission to Horatius has been billed as been a “Young Adult” novel, and as for the descriptions and text narrative, it does seem very superficial, almost stereotypical of the characters. McCoy is grumpy, Scotty has engine problems and the ship desperately need R&R. So what else is new? Well, Sulu has a pet rat, it […]

Review: 1970 Spock Must Die! by James Blish

By word of Frederic Pohl, who edited the Bantam novels, “I didn’t really pay much attention to Star Trek“. But James Blish had noticed that the biggest checks he had ever gotten came from his previous Star Trek novels. They were starting to collect some fan stories, which would later appear as “The New Voyages” […]

Review: 1968 Star Trek 2 by James Blish

Blish seems to be getting the hang of translating the scripts action into a bit more descriptive texts… for example on the classic Arena episode: There was a sharp hiss, and then the clear sound of the Gorn’s claws, coming at a run up the gully. Kirk had mis-calculated. The creature was closer than he […]

Review: 1967 Star Trek (aka Star Trek 1) by James Blish

Oh man, it starts really with mediocre writing. Actually, it’s quite not that bad, but only if you had not seen any of the TV episodes, or if you did not remember anything about the episodes written. This novel, named only “Star Trek”, is the rewriting of 7 episodes: – Charlie X – Dagger of […]

The Trellisane Confrontation

 I had trouble reading this one, I actually had to start over two times as it was a bit weary at first. The storyline is disjointed and it’s very slow to advance. Much was set to get a good feel of the world and it’s placement, but the action lost me a few times. The […]

Review: 1977 Planet of Judgment by Joe Haldeman

What should have been a nice novel by a recognized, Hugo and Nebula winner author, turns up to be bland space opera. It’s really a mediocre try by a good author, so most of the writing is nice and enjoyable, with some faint trace of science thrown in, but mostly it’s just an adventure in […]

Review: 1977 The Price of the Phoenix by Marshak and Culbreath

Oh God! This is the most horribly written novel I have seen in quite a while. It has all the bad habits and tendencies of poorly written fan fiction, while prolonging the torture in drawn-out dialogues and angst reflections. It could even be considered a “slash”, a homosexual take on the characters. (This occurs frequently […]