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Review: The Galactic Whirlpool by David Gerrold (1980)

David Gerrold had already been an accomplished script writer, most notably “The Trouble with Tribbles”, so it’s very encouraging to begin one of his Star Trek books. Unfortunately, writing a good science fiction book is still not an easy thing, even when you have a good grip on the characters and the mythos. The author […]

Death’s Angel by Kathleen Sky (1981)

Yet another novel rehashing already written plotlines! This is a total copy of “Journey to Babel”, but with a bit different species to play with; Sarek, as an ambassador, had to be on board, too; Murder is plentiful too, and to add insult to injury, the author inserts herself (a wish-fulfilling stand-in for the character, […]

Review: Perry’s Planet (1980) by Jack C. Haldeman II

Another early novel with a whole another bunch of recycled tropes: – An enemy (this time a Klingon) with Ship with a revenge feud – A computer controlled society (again??), which is dying or dwindling – A mind-altering virus, this one causes ‘non-violence’ – Small society, just one city ruled by one person (And names […]

Review: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Novel) (1979) by Gene Roddenberry, Alan Dean Foster & Harold Livingston

Of course, they now had to get a novelization of the first Star Trek movie. Even though novelizations are usually tedious, so far ¬†novelizations had been a hit. So now, with new material, Roddenberry himself had to get “a piece of the action”. Right away, we start with a few new weird elements, no doubt […]

Review: Devil World (1979) by Gordon Eklund

Although you would expect a battle with extremely evil, cunning and devilish beings, the novel takes a turn and delivers something else. At least it’s a straightforward adventure again, with very few ‘angst’ and filler text. It tries to copy the episode style, with a ‘teaser’, a fun Enterprise activity to start, and then delve […]

Review: The Fate of the Phoenix by Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath (1979)

Oh no, please. Another monumental fan-fiction release by the hellish fan authors Sondra & Myrna. Extremely awful, I absolutely hated it all the way. Made me think twice about doing this whole Star Trek reading project, but I’m sure that the rest of the the authors are nowhere so absolutely hateful. The books carry on […]

Review: World Without End by Joe Haldeman (1979)

This is a nice adventure story, gets right to it and has some good science and science fiction elements in it. It does not delve too much in the characters by themselves but does the author does play a bit with them, making a good characterization without going overboard. Unfortunately, the story is unremarkable: a […]

Review: Trek to Madworld by Stephen Goldin (1979)

This book uses one of what would be a most overused trope in the series: transfer medicines to a sick colony.¬†OK, I agree that writers need some type of reasons of urgency, especially one where every minute counts for numerous lives, but nobody seems to have kept check of how many times it has being […]

Review: The Starless World by Gordon Eklund (1978)

It seems this book should be read as a straight-forward adventure novel in the classical Star Trek style. Captain and crew encounter a strange planet, beam down and have your typical fights and encounters, complete with princess and gods. The eventually resolve the problem at the planet and then return back ship home. A light […]

The New Voyages 2 by Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath (1978)

Ok, another collection from the hellish fans Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath. Taking in fact that they have been accused of hogging the initial fan-fiction publications for only them and their top vip convention friends, it’s clearer why this low-quality stories ever got published. There was an initial response to the unheard-of fanatical conventions, so […]