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Review: Star Trek in Joe 90 – Top Secret #2

Another “Star Trek” comics filler… so “unimportant” it doesn’t even feature in the cover! I guess the easiest plots to make in these first comics was a sense of urgency when the planets are about to explode… but in this case TWO unrelated planets are about to blow up! If you thought the plots in […]

Review: Star Trek in Joe 90 – Top Secret #1

STARDATE: 24.09.45-24.10.57-24.14.21 Now: Trek comics from a weird magazine, that obviously appealed to youngsters fans of TV shows. These barely pay attention to the show, and the writer seems to have only seen one episode, “The Corbomite Maneuver”, due to the fact that Bailey is the navigator. Also, the captain is written as Captain “Kurt”! […]

Review: Mini Comic 2

Mini Comic 2: REVIEW: This is a surprisingly good ‘mini’ comic. All of the comics of this era (the Gold Key) are awfully bad, with cliched space opera plots: Crew battle hostile monsters in unknown planet, or crew encounter ghostly aliens, or crew is captured for a ‘museum’, etc. Although being very, very short, and […]