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Some time ago, I discovered the huge wealth of Star Trek novels… At that time, I saw it was overwhelming, they were more than a 1000 novels!

But the other day, I stumbled upon a speed reading course… and I thought it would be nice to practice with some fluff, pulp fiction stuff that should be easy reading.. so being a fan of the Star Trek TV series, it was only natural to pick up the novels for some leisure reading.

It turned to be easier than I thought. A fast count right now comes up approximately 30 novels I have read so far. Some are actually not very good, so I did really speed-read through great chunks of them; but I got the gist of the novel.

So now I guess would be a great way to start up a website, chronicling not just these novels, but also any other media I can get my hands on, including Comics, Audio books and Games. And as I’m currently keeping on top of Star Trek news, I’ll post any relevant tidbits here.