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Review: Gold Key 1: The Planet of No Return (July 1967)

The Planet of No Return

Well, I guess I’m reviewing the Comics too. The earliest are the Gold Key comics (well, the first really in comic-book format, there are some newspaper comics also, and I’ll post them up those later) which are very mediocre, not really getting into the Trek spirit, but instead just make up some space opera adventures, put in the characters and let them plough through. No characterization, no story arches, no real enemies, just the adventure-of-the-week.

This first one, is not that bad, I actually like the “ultra-hostile-planet” theme in science fiction, where even the plants are overtly voracious. This ones go so far as to “infect” the crew and “mutate” them into plants. Even so, Kirk gets over-responsive and KILLS the whole planet. A bit overdoing it, and I would court-martial him for not respecting the native life-forms! But oh well, this barely gets acknowledged as being part of the Star Trek universe, and you could barely get it to be part of the ‘printed’ canon…


STARDATE: 18:09.2
PLACE: Galaxy Alpha (?) Planet K-G
EVENT: Destroyed all life on planet due to overly aggresive plants. Lost 1 crew.
YEOMAN: Janice Rand
SECURITY(?):Hunt (+)

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