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Death’s Angel by Kathleen Sky (1981)

Yet another novel rehashing already written plotlines! This is a total copy of “Journey to Babel”, but with a bit different species to play with; Sarek, as an ambassador, had to be on board, too; Murder is plentiful too, and to add insult to injury, the author inserts herself (a wish-fulfilling stand-in for the character, […]

Review: Perry’s Planet (1980) by Jack C. Haldeman II

Another early novel with a whole another bunch of recycled tropes: – An enemy (this time a Klingon) with Ship with a revenge feud – A computer controlled society (again??), which is dying or dwindling – A mind-altering virus, this one causes ‘non-violence’ – Small society, just one city ruled by one person (And names […]

Review: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Novel) (1979) by Gene Roddenberry, Alan Dean Foster & Harold Livingston

Of course, they now had to get a novelization of the first Star Trek movie. Even though novelizations are usually tedious, so far ┬ánovelizations had been a hit. So now, with new material, Roddenberry himself had to get “a piece of the action”. Right away, we start with a few new weird elements, no doubt […]

Review: Devil World (1979) by Gordon Eklund

Although you would expect a battle with extremely evil, cunning and devilish beings, the novel takes a turn and delivers something else. At least it’s a straightforward adventure again, with very few ‘angst’ and filler text. It tries to copy the episode style, with a ‘teaser’, a fun Enterprise activity to start, and then delve […]

Review: Star Trek 5,6,7,8,9,10 by James Blish (1972-1973)

This blog has been a serious challenge to me. It’s much easier to read than to write, and getting down a decent opinion is also a bit difficult. Also, not all the material is that engrossing: let’s face it, most of the stuff is mill-pulp written, just to get stuff out with the Star Trek […]