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Review: Star Trek II: Distress Call! (1982)

As a children’s book, the writing is as expected, childish in some parts, with referenes to Disney, Dungeons & Dragons and Alice in Wonderland; but even so the writing in general has not been dumbed down. Characterizations are very basic, and uses some nice non-canon officers to help around, which give it enough flavor to […]

Review: Star Trek in Joe 90 – Top Secret #2

Another “Star Trek” comics filler… so “unimportant” it doesn’t even feature in the cover! I guess the easiest plots to make in these first comics was a sense of urgency when the planets are about to explode… but in this case TWO unrelated planets are about to blow up! If you thought the plots in […]

Review: Star Trek in Joe 90 – Top Secret #1

STARDATE: 24.09.45-24.10.57-24.14.21 Now: Trek comics from a weird magazine, that obviously appealed to youngsters fans of TV shows. These barely pay attention to the show, and the writer seems to have only seen one episode, “The Corbomite Maneuver”, due to the fact that Bailey is the navigator. Also, the captain is written as Captain “Kurt”! […]

Chronologies: TOS 8: “Charlie X”

STARDATE: 1533.6 CREW: 428 SHIP COURSE: Colony Alpha Five CREW: YEOMAN RAND YEOMAN 3rd CLASS: Tina Lawton REFERENCE: Aliens: Thasians. Thasus ALIEN POWER: transmute objects or render substances invisible You can read “Charlie X” transcript here.

Chronologies: TOS 7: “The Naked Time”

DATE: 2266 STARDATE: 1704.2 POSITION: Planet Psi 2000 ALIEN TECH/POWER: Water’s changed to a complex chain of molecules. It passes from man to man through perspiration. Once in the bloodstream, it acts like alcohol, depresses the centres of judgment and self-control. EXPLORATION:   Desintegrating planet analysis. CREW: (-1)  SCIENCE OFFICER: JOE TORMOLEN (+)   NAVIGATOR: KEVIN […]

Review: Gold Key 3: Invasion of the City Builders (Sept 1968)

Gold Key comics tend to break canon in a few details, like ordering ‘Rockets On’ to sail away, and placement of planets on “distant” galaxies. Because of this, they usually are rejected away from all canon. Memory Beta just ignores the whole galaxy reference and takes it as a system. This one is also mildly […]

Review: Gold Key 2: The Devil’s Isle of Space (March 1968)

Curiously, the first Gold Key comics where actually not that bad, with a bit of science fiction speculation mixed with a good amount of adventure. Characterizations are faulty in most cases but at least they get the idea of what each character should do. On this second comic, the plot is not that bad, although […]

Chronologies: TOS 6: “The Man Trap”

STARDATE: 1513.1 DATE: 2266 PLACE: Planet M-113 CREW:  SCIENCE: DARNELL YEOMAN: JANICE RAND SECURITY: GREEN ENGINEERING: BOBBY NAVIGATOR: BARNHART DARNELL, STURGEON, GREEN & BARNHART killed by alien. DECKS: Deck five crew quarters SHIP ROUTE: STARBASE on Caran 4 REFERENCE: Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet You can read “The Man Trap” transcript here.

Review: Gold Key 1: The Planet of No Return (July 1967)

Well, I guess I’m reviewing the Comics too. The earliest are the Gold Key comics (well, the first really in comic-book format, there are some newspaper comics also, and I’ll post them up those later) which are very mediocre, not really getting into the Trek spirit, but instead just make up some space opera adventures, […]

Chronologies: TOS 5: “The Enemy Within”

TOS 5: “The Enemy Within”: CREW:  GEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN: FISHER  YEOMAN: JANICE RAND  NAVIGATOR: FARRELL   TECH: Technical problem with transporter can generate 2 psychological different persons PLACE: ALPHA 177 DATE: 2266/stardate 1672.1. EXPLORATION: Specimen-gathering mission REFERENCE: Saurian brandy. Origin: Unknown   DECK:   CREW’S QUARTERS: Deck twelve (Janice Rand) You can read “The Enemy Within” […]