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Ok, been some busy days, have just read very few Star Trek stuff. I did manage to finish “My Enemy, My Ally”, which at first it promised a nice development, but I think it disappointed in the end. I’ll write a full review later. Also, the next novels deserve a good write-up, notably “The New […]

Review: 1977 Planet of Judgment by Joe Haldeman

What should have been a nice novel by a recognized, Hugo and Nebula winner author, turns up to be bland space opera. It’s really a mediocre try by a good author, so most of the writing is nice and enjoyable, with some faint trace of science thrown in, but mostly it’s just an adventure in […]

Review: 1977 The Price of the Phoenix by Marshak and Culbreath

Oh God! This is the most horribly written novel I have seen in quite a while. It has all the bad habits and tendencies of poorly written fan fiction, while prolonging the torture in drawn-out dialogues and angst reflections. It could even be considered a “slash”, a homosexual take on the characters. (This occurs frequently […]

New Comic: “Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment”

IDW is to release a new series of comic book, telling the stories of the Starship’s Enterprise fourth year. Called “Star Trek Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment”, it will be co-written by D. C. Fontana, who has authored some of Star Trek classic Episodes. Drawn by Gordon Purcell, it will contain a sequel to Fontana’s […]

Review: 1976 Spock, Messiah! by Theodore R. Cogswell

  Many early novels put a lot of attention into the Vulcan character, as it was the most popular character then. The internal emotion/logic conflict also generated a lot of interest. On Spock, Messiah!, even though it was centered around Spock, it actually did not include him directly during most of the plot. Here’s also […]

No New ‘Star Trek’ eBooks to be released

It has been reported that no new Star Trek eBooks will be take a hiatus beginning in April. Ebook editions of print books will continue to be released. According to Keith R.A. DeCandido, “The word ‘hiatus’ was quite specifically chosen. There is a possibility that the original eBook line will be revived in some form […]