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Review: 1976 Star Trek: The New Voyages

Oh god… we enter “Marshak and Culbreath” territory, someone save us… Fortunately, this were not actually written by them, just gathered by. Unfortunately, they have absolutely no idea of what’s good literature. They were actually fans, recollecting fiction made by fans, so technically this is just published Fan Fiction! ¬†Ugh, and I hate fan fiction! […]


Oh god, I really do not like novelizations… When I started reading the novels, I naturally started with the Blish ones as they were the first stuff written, but I could not get very far. I kept up until the third book and then just skipped the whole series, and went straight to the original […]

Where I’m at now

OK, just to update this thing, I’ll write what I’ve been reading lately. On the Sony Reader (great gadget, get one), I’m trying to finish the third movie novelization, “Star Trek III, The Search for Spock”, it’s just that I really don’t like that much novelizations, but it does has it’s good expansions on some […]

Review: 1978 Captain of the Starship, William Shatner Live!

This is one of the first presentations done to an audience. Shatner sounds like an immature jester, laughing a bit too much at his own jokes, most of them very silly. The audience is actually very hungry for any scraps thrown their way. They laugh at the smallest things, and applause enthusiastically at the rest. […]

New Domain name!

I decided to bite in and get this blog it’s own domain name. I will be tweaking a few things here and there. Please leave your comments!

Why Read Star Trek?

Star Trek: Defiant: Episode 21

Review: 1969 Star Trek 3 by James Blish

Novelizations suffer from some big problems, one of which is that it’s very difficult to convey what has already been showed perfectly on screen. Video is a medium where characters attitudes, poise and responses say much more than what the dialog displays. Another problem is that as the scenes have already been established, writers tendo […]

New Books on Simon & Shuster: Preliminary Reviews

1999 The Entropy Effect by Vonda N McIntyre, Audio Book